NLF - Individual Project

Livelihoods - Sustainable Water Project

Help the local community to access clean water AND help the local church become self-sustaining.


Of $9,000 Total


New Life Fellowship, NLF, has a goal of planting 500 churches by end of 2020 and has so far planted approx. 220 churches. NLF is encouraging our village pastors to be bi-vocational.  This is to ensure long-term sustainability of the church planting effort.  Also, it has been found that the witness of bi-vocational pastors has been very powerful in the village, i.e. villagers respect a pastor that knows and experiences the financial struggles that they as villagers are going through.  There is an urgent need to support these church pastors/planters to be self-sufficient.The Sustainable Water Project (SWP) aims to help the local community to access clean water AND to help the local church become self-sustaining (by earning additional revenue).
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