New Life Fellowship Cambodia


Church Operation

At any one time, NLF PP ministers to 6,000 people per month and with its various ministries reaches out to an equivalent number of people. All of this requires people, time and financial resources. NLF is seeking partners who will co-labour with us in having a long-term, multi-generational impact on thousands of young people and families through our various ministries. You can join us by coming along with a short-term team, or stay longer with us bringing your specialist skills and working with us side-by-side. We are also constantly looking for technical & soft skills including financial modelling, project management, business, marketing, IT, training the trainer, monitoring and evaluation skills, to name but a few.

NLF members are taught the value of tithing and the blessings of sacrificial giving. However, bearing in mind the economic level of most of members, this is insufficient to cover the running costs of NLF. Our annual budget just for running the PP church, overheads and central support services is approx. $500,000. Your financial support towards the General Fund will therefore also be greatly appreciated

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