New Life Fellowship Cambodia

Community Development

New Life Foundation, a Christian Non-Profit Organization in Cambodia since October 1994, provides and supports many community development projects.

New Life Foundation spearheads sustainable humanitarian work for the benefit of all in the community, hand-in-hand with the local church, and also to support and empower people for the ministry of New Life Fellowship. It is apolitical, not serving any political party.

New Life Foundation’s Community Development projects specialize in providing educational opportunities as a catalyst for Cambodians, giving opportunities for a great future for every individual and family, regardless of their background. Our Language & Life Skills Training, Livelihood Initiatives, Leadership Training program, and Patient Care Ministry partner with Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Student Dormitories

NEED Phnom Penh is a city of over two million people, and young people from underprivileged backgrounds are quickly drawn into lives of hopelessness, depression, addictions, and exploitation. Young men and women from

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Patient Care And Referral

NEED: Often, sick people in the village do not know where to go for help or do not have the means to get the medical assistance they need.  PCM is

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Children At Risk

NEED:Many village children have only one parent or are orphaned.  These children grow up in extremely poor conditions as their families struggle to live day to day. Many at-risk children do

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Skills Training Center

THE NEED: Wages in Cambodia are very low.  However, young people possessing good English skills have a much greater chance of profitable employment in many areas of Cambodian society.  By

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New Transformed Lives

THE NEED: The number of children who drop out of school in Cambodia is very high.    Because of large classrooms (60 children in a classroom), children can often get

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Clean Water

THE NEED: Many villagers do not have close access to clean water.  They must carry it from long distances to their homes.  This makes life difficult. VISION AND GOALS: Clean

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Tomorrow’s Generation

THE NEED: Students from villages often do not have the money required to pursue education past high school.  This adversely affects the jobs they can procure, and limits their ability

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