New Life Foundation is a Christian not-for-profit organisation spearheading sustainable humanitarian work for the benefit of all in the community working hand-in-hand with the local church. It was formed in 1994. New Life Foundation (NLF) specializes in providing foundational opportunities for Cambodians that are catalysts for a great future for every individual and family, regardless of their background. These opportunities primarily consist of training in language & life-skills, livelihood and leadership skills.

The Cow Project (Cow Bank) has proven itself to be a viable income generating tool for villagers in Cambodia to establish their own cow herd and capitalize on increased demand for beef in Cambodia. Cows are leased to individuals for a defined period (up to 2 years) in which they will breed the cow, care for the cow and calves and return female cows back to the cow bank for leasing to other villagers. Villagers will be educated on cow calf management, cow health and vaccinations, forage production and breeding.

NLF has a goal of planting 500 churches in 5 years (i.e. by end of 2020). NLF already has 150 churches planted with a further 90 planned for 2017. NLF is encouraging our village pastors to be bi-vocational. This is to ensure long-term sustainability of the church planting effort. Also, it has been found that the witness of bi-vocational pastors has been very powerful in the village, i.e. villagers respect a pastor that knows and experiences the financial struggles that they as villagers are going through. There is an urgent need to support these church pastors/planters to be self-sufficient.

New Life Foundation is seeking partners who will partner with us in having a long-term, multi-generational impact on hundreds of individuals through this project and through these pastors. Partner support will quickly help establish a self-sustaining cow bank (and self-sustaining church / church Plant)

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