Short Term Teams


Short term teams and friends from churches, businesses and organizations play a large role in New Life Fellowship's growth and are a tremendous blessing. NLF has a broad ministry and at least some of your skills can be used to contribute towards empowering people.

We would love to hear of your team's interest to help 6-12 months in advance so you can begin the application process and update us as your team develops. We want your time in Cambodia to be very strategic and beneficial. One of the most important things in helping us strategize for your team is the "Application for Ministry form", because the skills, hobbies, education and spiritual gifts of your team help us plan a specific ministry experience for you. Iit is imperative that your team fills out these applications and your team leader emails them back to us at least 3 months prior to arrival. We will then work with you and your teams applications to plan your team's schedule one month prior to arrival.


We have limited opportunities in the city and need more teams to support our many provincial church plants. Here are some testimonies from our volunteers of their experience with New Life Fellowship in a rural community church/province: 
"There was lots to do in the province. We worked with young people 16-22 years who are coming together to lead churches. Young men, women, and children - everyone was a part of the church. It was very exciting to see." - Austin
"We did children's ministry - songs, stories, games, drama - and they ate it up. These children are hungry to know you love them, hungry to know God's word, hungry to learn. They just want to be held and know that you love them." - Sam
"The highlight was doing everyday life. The women of the village taught us to cook some basic Cambodian sweets. On the last night we did traditional Khmer dancing. We went to the market (fruit and vegetable market) in the rain with the locals and bartered. Doing life with them is a highlight, it is so different from the U.S. The joy and energy that God has placed in them encouraged us. They are still doing community and loving each other. We went to the high school and did life with them and had so many conversations about Christ." - Jenny

Team Skills

It is more effective for a team to have a particular focus rather than be mixed skills. Here are a few ideas of from our Cambodian leaders and Pastors of what teams can focus on in the future to help to bring in the harvest in Cambodia:

  • Children ministry training
  • Children outreach and fun days in the province
  • Vacation Bible schools for children
  • Children's discipleship camps
  • Teach English
  • Teach at New Life School
  • Train in worship and musical instruments
  • Leadership training
  • Cell group leader training camp
  • Construction projects/ repair of houses
  • Prayer times and walks
  • House to house visitation in the province
  • Media production of each ministry
  • Primary Health care teams

For more information about our ministries, costs, cultural information, and so much more we will be sending a packet to you with information on:

  • Food and accommodations
  • Transportation options
  • Pre trip preparation with "Equipping the Nations"
  • Application forms
  • Financial considerations for your team
  • Details on team ministry possibilities
  • Visas, health, cultural information, child protection policy, translators, and more

If any of these areas appeal to you and your team or you have other ideas, team leaders are invited to send an email outlining your organization with your intended dates, skills, giftings, experience of your team, and your team's focus. This email needs to be sent 6-12 months in advance to Chuck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once we receive the email we can begin the application process to explore the possibility of you joining us here in Cambodia.

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