New Life Fellowship Cambodia


God’s miraculous provisions

“We did not have enough food to feed the seven of us. However, God sent a bird big enough to be our meal that day while we were on our way to a far remote village” said Chao Sopheak who led the evangelist team.

Chao Sopheak, a phenomenal evangelist, together with his crew recently set off for a greatest message mission trip as usual. They were low on their food supply and the destination was still far away. Instead of being worried, he led everyone to pray for the provision and to trust God that He will take care, no matter what.

Here is what happened. In their pickup truck, they were having a conversation about food when they spotted a street vendor selling rambutan. With their low budget, they could not buy enough for everyone. Sopheak, however, stopped to ask the price. The vendor said a kilogram costs 1.5 USD per kilo. Sopheak offered an amount that no sellers would accept. He said, “Could you sell it 0.25 cent per kilo? (less than one fourth of what the seller asked). He offered this amount because he knew that the seller would not accept and that he did not have enough to buy enough to feed his crew. Sopheak was surprised with the response from the vendor. The seller said that he did not know why, but he felt that he needed to give a favor to this group. He agreed to sell it for the offered price which was unbelievable. Sopheak, immediately, asked for 10 kilograms and it only cost him 2.5 USD in total. (Believe me, you won’t ever be able to get this amount of rambutan with this price in a market place. 10 kilos of rambutan only for 2.5 USD (10000, riels)!!!!!)

The heat of the day made the crew tired and thirty. The team leader did not have all he had to feed everyone. He stopped at a village store. With the low budget, he could afford only two cans of energy drink to share with those who need. Again, the Lord surprised them. Once they opened the first can, there was a ring-pull prize for another can. They now got three cans to share to the third man. Guess what happened next? Every prized can had a ring-pull prize for another until the 7th can. The team leader now could give an energy drink to all seven men in the team. The seller got shocked and said, “Sir, I am done to redeem all your ring-pulls”. Our evangelist team said “Well, that’s ok because we only have 7 of us and every one of us already received their blessing drink”. What a miracle!

Our evangelists continued their journey. As it was getting dark, the team leader was slightly concerned if he would have anything to feed the crew and the villagers for dinner especially in a remote area like this place. Their vehicle was climbing up a hill, when all the sudden, a bird flew from nowhere and crashed into the truck, and ended its life there on the ground. The crew picked it and took it to the meet-up. Once they arrived at their meeting with mainly fishermen, everyone brought some seafood they had caught. Some brought crabs, prawns to prepare for dinner (organic seafood is super expensive in the country, let alone the natural ones). Everyone in this remote area enjoyed not just the great message of the Lord Jesus, but also the great and delicious meal provided by the Father from Heaven.

If you remember how God fed Elijah, here the Lord God provided for our evangelist team in almost the same way. 1 King 7: 6 says “The ravens would bring him bread and meat each morning and evening, and he would drink from the stream”.