New Life Fellowship Cambodia

Annual Conferences

Since 1994, New Life has had a track record of being a catalyst for genuine life transformation, and stewardship of God-given opportunities and resources. New Life has intentionally been maintaining its focus on what will have the utmost eternal impact as well as being a generous resource center and model for the larger Body of Christ in Cambodia.

There are two different annual conferences that New Life has been doing every year. an Ignite Conference, Church Planting Vision Casting Conference, and an Equip Conference, Strong Church Conference.   

Our annual conferences have been blessed to our pastors, church planters, and church leaders having experience with God during the conference. They got refreshing their spiritual life. Help them to do a better job of shepherding the sheep of God and strengthen their life as well.  and It is the time for family reunion and fellowship, worship together, learn together, connect together, and encourage each other to build the kingdom of God in Cambodia. They don’t see themselves small as before, they have a huge family everywhere in Cambodia, and they are not alone. Many pastors and church planters are inspired to go out and plant more churches, reach out to communities, and start cell groups in new places.

New Life Fellowship uses the positive influence we have with the Christian community here in Cambodia to encourage Christians of every denomination to seize the opportunity for refreshing and equipping, but we run the conference the way New Life Fellowship runs most of our events- leaving room for extended worship, a priority on the presence of God, and opportunities for the Holy Spirit to minister and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow.

Annual conferences fan the flames of church planting in existing and new movements, as pastors and church planting leaders from various movements gather to share ideas, best practices, struggles, and victories.

The total annual cost of each conference is $15,000.00 USD/year.