New Life Fellowship Cambodia

Outreaches and Crusades 

Crusades are a type of outreach in which we bring great New Life Fellowship evangelists and volunteers to conduct evangelistic events at different villages outside of the capital city, Phnom Penh.   Crusades allow us to share the gospel with thousands of non-believing Cambodians in multiple locations across the country.

About 10 million Cambodians are rural residents and seldom travel to the capital city. Therefore, traveling artists performing secular concerts in rural areas are very popular. They attract hundreds, if not thousands, of villagers who are excited to see famous Cambodians perform.  Therefore, we have a great opportunity to conduct mass evangelistic concerts where we can entertain the local villagers with praise songs, Christian dramas, the gospel message, games for kids, and snacks and food.  Through crusades and connections with local churches, we build good relationships with local villagers.

Concerts are not often performed in rural areas. A lot of rural residents do not have money to commute to the capital to see concerts.  Because of that, every musical concert performed in rural areas attracts hundreds, if not thousands, of people to attend. Our Crusades are fun and powerful events. They include praise and worship songs, and the presence of God is obvious. The result is that many lives are transformed. Crusades also help empower local churches to increase their influence, add more converts to their congregations, and help them build relationships with the local villagers.

During our evangelism, we set many demons-possessed people free, anoint people with the healing power of Jesus Christ, and declare love, hope, and salvation to the lost. We are honored to travel as teams to bring them the eternal gifts they need. We expect that there will be at least three hundred villagers coming to watch each night of the Crusade concert. We project that at least 10% – 20% will give their lives to the Lord.

Each Crusade costs an average of $ 2,500 USD.