New Life Fellowship Cambodia

Provincial Church Worship Development

Worship is one of the ways that people can come close to God. We thank God that we have a great worship team in the Capital city. However, we want to bring over a worship training, and necessary resources such as musical instruments to many other youth leaders who are involved in worship ministry out in the provincial churches.

We have noticed that several worship youth leaders still need to learn how they can enhance the worship environment in their church service so that their church members can be touched through the spirit of worship. Some equipment is old and less functional.

Most of our project costs will be for conducting worship leader training, purchasing musical equipment, and the transportation to go to the different places. In addition to this, we also planned to meet worship leaders regularly so that we can train them on how they can disciple other potential youth in their churches and their communities.

The total annual cost of the project is $ 10,000.00 USD/ year