NLF - Individual Project


Our vision is to give children and families at risk “hope and a future”.


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Since 2003 when this project was launched, our goal has been to empower the child within their family, so they are able to cope independently.
For this reason, we seek to develop a three-year plan for each child and each family. We see that each child and family are unique and so the plan for each family will look different.
The plan addresses several issues and challenges including (and where relevant), their immediate health, housing, access to water, sanitation, school, and livelihood needs – all with the aim of increasing their standard of living.
We seek sponsors to commit themselves to sponsoring a child/family for at least three years.  We aim to continue our expansion to other areas and provinces in 
 part of the children/family at-risk program, we aim to regularly buy rice and food for the family, buy school uniforms and supplies and support the child’s education with regular visits and appointments. 
We presently have more than 300 children are under sponsorship.
This project has been reaching out to more than 19 places within 13 different provinces as in Cambodia. 
We seek to expand this program to more villages in Cambodia. This program/project has been supported by various donors from six different countries.