NLF - Individual Project

Worship Ministry

To raise up new worship leaders and disciple youth to become worship leaders at their provincial churches


Of $10000 Total



Why do we need this project? 

Some of the training that we offer based on the heart of worship which is a great need in the communities. We wanted to make sure that the worship team out there is full of the Holy Spirit leading them.

Over 100 churches have been planted, and some are just emerging. Some occurs at home, and some are in small places. They have very few musical equipment. The existing equipment is very old such as guitars have broken strings, the drums are old….etc.  Therefore, we are hoping to be able to be the blessing with the equipment that they need so that they can worship God with proper equipment.

Here in our New Life Church, we want to ensure that our DNA is passing on to other churches across the nation. Our aim is also to help them go align with what we have in the main church. We emphasis on the spirit of worship which leads to their freedoms, creating atmosphere in their congregation.

When we talk about worship training, we also help training them using leadership materials which can help them learn to take leadership in their churches.

-       Total Annual cost of the project is $ 12,600 USD/ a year


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