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Skills Training Center

Helping over 700 youth develop marketable JOB skills and an opportunity to hear the Good News of JESUS


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New Life Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Cambodia since 1994. New Life Foundation specializes in providing foundational opportunities for Cambodians that are catalysts for a great future for every individual regardless of their background. These opportunities primarily consist of language education, computer skills, office skills and life-skills training, and leadership development. Under New Life Foundation, Skills Training Center is an education center which provides fundational opportunities for Cambodian youths at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder through education, life skills, and leadership development. We provide a strong emphasis on English, Office, Computer, Leadership and Life Skills needed in this society of Cambodia so that they can get employed with a reasonable amount of salary. Our goal is to give students marketable job skills, hope, and a way out of poverty. We want them to have a vision to change not only their circumstances, but the society in which they live. Every day approximately more than 500 students come to study at the New Life’s Skills Training Center.

For 2019, we are aiming to have 1250 students and we would like to see 10% of our enrolled students be converted. Here at New Life’s Skills Training Center students will find:

• A life-changing environment where young people from all walks of life are accepted.

• Programs that help them grow personally, and professionally.

• Classes which provide them with English, computer and office skills, leadership and life skills which will surely be helpful for their later life careers.

• Hope for their future and the friendly people surrounding them. New Life’s Skills Training Center is committed to providing all the skills mentioned above to youths and young adults, which will impact them for the rest of their lives and many others surrounding them.


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