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Growing Tree Internship Program

Empowering 49 recent high-school graduates to become leaders in the church and in their community


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New Life Fellowship’s Growing Trees Internship, is a 10 month discipleship program for young people ages 18-25 years old. Our current class has 41 interns with the expectation of increasing by 30% next year. Our interns come from the following scenarios:

         Young people that have just graduated high school and are not yet equipped with the character, knowledge and decision-making skills necessary to live a successful life.

●      Young people from local and rural Christian communities that would like to receive a strong foundation for their relationship with God, themselves, and others.

Our ministry accepts young people from the scenarios above and aims to disciple, equip, and empower them into a generation of Khmer revivalists. We want to be an incubator of transformation that prepares them to live faith-filled, influential, and powerful lives. Throughout our 4 terms, we focus on shaking, shaping, serving and sending.  

One way we aim to accomplish this within Growing Trees Internship, is by offering 3 tracks in addition to weekly dynamic Bible teachings. Those tracks are; School of Worship, Community Transformation, and Department Experience.

Our interns are committed to studying with us full time so they do not have jobs during the school year.  They are supported by their family, sending pastor, or are living by faith. Our Interns are required to pay a small tuition to join GTI however this amount only covers 12% of GTI costs. GTI aims to support our interns outside of the classroom by partnering with NLF’s Next Step dorms to provide housing and giving a ration of rice. Our staff are a combination of expat volunteers and Khmer church employees.

We need outside funding to help us with the annual above the line costs of operating the internship. The annual cost of GTI in 2019 is $ 21,293 USD.