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His family permitted him to become a Christian

Phnom Penh, Stueng Manchey area. God has touched a Strong Chinese bloodline father, a high-ranking official, to allow his oldest son to not involve with Chinese altar worshiping during Big Chinese New Year.

Kim Reach, the oldest son born in a strong Chinese religious bloodline family, was introduced to our Free English program through his mother. She found our center while shopping inside Stueng Manchey Mall.

Reach, 26 years of age, began to build good relationships with some of the English students. He is very enthusiastic to improve his English. During Christmas outreach last year, he gave his whole life to the Lord Jesus.

We had the privilege to meet his parents during the Chinese Year holiday recently. We were shocked to go inside his house spotting several Chinese altars, idols, and other worshiping items. We knew that this family is very strong in religious worship. However, we were welcomed very warmly inside, sitting down to have a long good conversation with the father, a very high-ranking official with the government.

He leveled with us that he desires one of his children to be Christian even though his family is a very strong Chinese and Buddhist religious follower. He believes in education, and in knowing foreign languages that can help his son to find a great future. He kindly asked us to help guide his oldest son to follow the principles and to lead him to the right future.

What amazed us is to learn that the father permitted the oldest child from a religious Chinese bloodline who is culturally supposed to uphold their ancestral incent worship altars to avoid the ritual practices and attend church service. We believe that the Lord really touched this man’s heart. During our conversation that night, his words slipped out that he once accepted the gospels about 40 years ago while at a war refugee camp. He acknowledges that Christians are kind and generous people. They love, and they help others. In fact, he really wants his oldest son to hang out with godly Christian youth.

At the end of the fruitful conversation, the father thanked us for the visit. He said he would welcome us at any time. We felt very much welcomed. We felt in our spirit that there is an opening door to allow salvation to this family. We believe that Kim Reach will be a great living witness to his whole family, and lead everyone in his family to their salvation.