New Life Fellowship Cambodia


His Grace and Unconditional Love touched and changed me

A life story of a young girl who is staying in New Life Fellowship’s woman dormitory.

Hello everyone, my name is Chan Srey Keo. I am a 26 year-old student from Takeo province, presently, staying in the Woman dorm, which has enabled me to better understand my personal values, the unconditional love, and the grace of God. For me, dorm is not just an accommodation and a place to study, but also a place where I can develop my relationship with people especially my relationship with God.

I accept the fact that staying together with a lot of people from different places is not that easy. Yet, we found things in common. Each of us needs future, and life-developments.

I have learned a lot while staying in the dorm and I can confidently express my weaknesses. I can both easily weep and laugh with others in many different circumstances. They are always there for me whenever I need. Whenever a situation happens, they approach me to encourage me, comfort me, warn me, and sometimes they teach me about how to manage stress related work issues, and emotional issues.

The dorm is a place that provides an opportunity for me to grow, to develop as a leader, while building faith in God. I have come to know the one True God, and build my relationship better with Him. I have also found opportunities to serve in different ministries in the church.

I so appreciate staying in the dorm. I am where I am today because of living in the dorm. I thank God for this place where I found Him personally. I really thank all the leaders who have provided an opportunity for me to have a future.