New Life Fellowship Cambodia

Life Transformed

My Life transformed during my stay in Student Dormitories

A life story of a young man who is staying in New Life Fellowship’s dormitory. Hello everyone, my name is San Reatrey. I am 20 years old. Currently I am staying in NLF dormitory. Here, I wanted to share with you my life story and how God has dramatically changed my life.

Born in a rural area, I grew up being influenced mostly by my family. Though I was provided all the things I needed, I was taught so many misconceptions about Christianity. I lived with the world desires. Thus, I did not like Christians, and neither did I desire to know about God. Every time Christians came to share good news to me, I would resist or persecute them.

One day, my grandmother who is a believer, brought me to her church about 4 kilometers away from her house. I agreed to go along with her only because I wanted to receive some free cake. As I returned, my family blamed me because I had been involved with Christians. Though I felt very discouraged, my grandmother kept encouraging me to continue attending the church service. I did as she suggested. I attended the church service regularly. My wrong perceptions about God was fading away. Later on, I accepted the Lord as my savior. Seeing my life change, my mom also decided to accept the Lord. When my family started to receive Jesus, my neighbors in the same village began to persecute my family at every means. Even though we felt pressured and persecuted, we felt victorious because Christ gave us strength, and helped us move on.

When I started my grade 10th, I lost my faith in the Lord and made many bad decisions in life. I worshiped idols, I received religious splashing water for good luck, involved myself with fortune tellers, and participated in other religious activities against God.

However, all glory to Jesus because everything changed when I entered my high school grade 12th. I was called again through New Life Fellowship. I registered to join Growing Tree Internship program and was allowed to stay in NLF‘s dormitory.

I had never known anything about Growing Tree Internship or dorm ministry at all. Yet, after spending time going through the internship and the stay at the dorm, my faith in Jesus increased. I felt spiritually touched more deeply in the relationship with Jesus. Through staying in the dorm and sharing my life with other youth, I increased my courage, and I learned to be more humble, to serve others, and is submissive to the leadership, and of course learn to be a young leader.

I really thank God for everything He has done in my life, all the miracles He has done just for me but also for many other people in the dorm and the church.