New Life Fellowship Cambodia

School of Church Planters

School of Church Planters will help every pastor and leader to develop their capacity in managing the church to reach their top potential and also to increase the pastor and leader of their living standard by increasing their daily income. The project is going to provide them the training about church leadership, good relationship with God, and Church and family management. We are not just providing them the training; but we also provide them some financial resources to start or improve their business, too. Our schools are conducted every two months as part of a 2-year program.

Project Goal:

1. To provide pastors and leaders with the capacity to lead and manage the church to grow.

2. To provide them with the experience of church organizing.

3. To provide them with life skills knowledge and experience to start up the family business and to get an experience for the future need of the church

4. To provide them with some financial resources to improve or start a small business for pastors’ or leaders’ families.

The project is going to accomplish three things:

First – Providing knowledge through training

Second – Providing financial support for small businesses.

Third – Evaluating and counseling along the processing work to grow.

Total Annual cost of the project is $15,000.00 USD/ a year